The Upper Peninsula Art and Culture Map is a great way for travelers to find unique experiences in the U.P. It includes art, gallery cultural and historical sites and organizations. You can be a part of it.

Please consider joining with the Bonifas Arts Center and other U.P. arts and culture organizations to promote arts and culture destinations to our potential visitors in the U.P.

It is interactive – featuring Google map locations — and it is scalable for mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. The primary feature of the website is a map of the U.P. with Google map pins at all subscribing arts and culture locations. When you click on google map pin you will see the name and photo of the location. Clicking on that link will send you to a page with more details about the location, its focus, and a calendar of upcoming events.

Also join the U.P. Art and Culture group site on Facebook. Encourage all of your members and customers to join as well. And then post about what you are doing.

If you want to encourage the public to visit you, we will be glad to upload your information, photos, and calendar events into this interactive map. The annual cost of participating in this website is $50 a year.

1. Business or Organization Information

2. Event Information

3. $50 Registration



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