The Upper Peninsula Arts and Culture Map will guide you to art galleries, art centers and museums located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Choose a red marker on the map to see a location or choose a location scrolling under the map to find the red marker. Click on “More Details” under the description for more information on that location.

Each location offers additional information such as hours, web addresses, description, photos and events.

In the menu, you can search for locations by city, region or type. It helps you locate places to see and events to attend throughout the U.P.

Join the discussion on the U.P. Art and Culture Facebook group. Follow what artists are doing, art shows, cultural activities and other events in the U.P. Search for Upper Peninsula Art & Culture and then post about the places you see.

The Upper Peninsula is defined by the unique culture and history of the region. It is reflected in the people and art of the region. Using this map is a great way to find hidden treasures and experience the U.P.



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